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About Us

We are a full tax preparation, accounting, and tax relief company. We specialize in bringing taxpayers to compliance and then resolving back tax liabilities through a variety of programs.

Offer in Compromise

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, you may be able to settle the tax debt for less money with an Offer in Compromise.

Due to our decades of tax experience, we have a variety of proprietary strategies we use to have an extremely high success rate in settling tax debts for as low as 5% of your balance.

Back & Unfiled Taxes

We order wage and income transcripts from the IRS, gather deductions from the taxpayer and file tax returns back 10 years!

IRS Penalty Abatement

Through a variety of strategies, we negotiate the penalties assessed to your account to remove or abate the additional penalties that have been assessed to your liability.

Wage Garnishments

Wage Garnishments are one of the most aggressive collection tactics the IRS will use against taxpayers.

We will work with the IRS to reduce or remove the wage garnishment from your paycheck.

Innocent Spouse Program

This program provides different types of relief: Innocent Spouse, Separation of Liability, and Equitable relief. Contact us to determine if you qualify for one of these programs

Installment Agreement

Have you filed your income tax returns and were unable to pay the taxes due? We work to successfully negotiate the lowest possible payment plan.

Bank Levy Releases

A bank levy occurs when the IRS contacts your financial institution to freeze the funds in your account. Our experts work to remove the levies and prevent future bank levies.


Our Bookkeeping Division is advanced and well versed for taxpayers who are self-employed and corporations.

Our tax team has experienced QuickBooks certified personnel who specialize in individual, small business and large corporation accounting.

State Tax Debt

We have an entire state department who specializes in setting up the lowest payment plans in each state. They also review each client’s hardship situation to determine if that client meets the criteria for state tax debt settlements or hardship.

We have the expertise and experience to resolve any IRS problem. Our clients receive dedicated and personalized care and solutions to fit their unique tax situation. We provide honest and clear communication and genuinely care about each client and maintaining our A+ reputation. We have an entire state department which many companies do not provide state tax assistance. We also provide 24/7 phone service. We know that each individual has different operating hours and we want to provide that personalized touch that you know someone will answer your call no matter what time you call and direct your message to the correct person.

  • Personal Income Tax (IRS/State)
  • Business Tax- Corp, LLC, Payroll (IRS/State)
  • Sales/Use Tax (State)
  • Civil Penalty Assessments (IRS)

We have tax professionals with over 25 years of experience, but we officially opened our doors October of 2020. Since then, we’ve been accredited A+ on the Better Business Bureau, received all 5-star reviews, brought in 1,000+ reviews through Google, Facebook, And Better Business Bureau, and most importantly helped 100,000+ clients resolve their IRS back taxes.

Yes! Each individual that communicates with the IRS is certified to do so. Our enrolled agents are licensed, certified and have over a dozen years of experience.

We even take it one step further! Many companies have unlicensed people doing data entry and prepping tax returns to file under a company. We ensure we hire licensed and bonded CTEC personnel to prepare tax returns.


The process of tax relief is made simple and possible through the IRS Fresh Start Program.

Let’s say a taxpayer owes the IRS $10,000 in unpaid taxes, and they do not have the means to pay the IRS $10,000, and they will very certainly never be able to return the amount owed to the IRS.

The IRS is prohibited from collecting more than a taxpayer is able to pay under the Fresh Start Program. This assists the taxpayer in allowing them to pay a reasonable amount. Based on their financial conditions, they will find out which of the major tax relief programs they are eligible for through the Fresh Start Program.

The Fresh Start Program, also known as the Fresh Start Initiative, was established by the U.S. government in 2011. The IRS Fresh Start Program provides taxpayers with more flexible repayment terms and initiatives that may decrease or eliminate their tax liability without imposing penalties. Taxpayers may be able to have their federal back taxes forgiven almost entirely under certain circumstances.

The IRS Fresh Start Program is inclusive, welcoming a wide array of individual taxpayers and businesses who are burdened with outstanding taxes and struggling to make the payments. To determine your eligibility and initiate the enrollment process, it is advisable to consult with a tax professional. Importantly, there is no set income requirement in order to qualify as a candidate.

Audits can happen at any time, but if we are actively working on your case, we provide the best advice for your situation to potentially avoid audits.

No. As a matter of fact, it’s the most recommended course of action to take in order to receive relief and to avoid any further negative consequences.

No. Going through tax relief programs will not hurt your credit score, but a common alternative course of action that will negatively impact your credit score is filing for bankruptcy.

It depends. An OIC does not have specific qualifications in order to be a candidate, but your debt-to-income ratio will be a huge determining factor in qualifying you for an OIC.

It is a payment plan to slowly pay off your debt. This plan is one of the IRS Fresh Start Programs. Say you’re best-suited for an IA, we will work to get you the lowest possible monthly installment you can get.

Client Support

Once you are in the resolution phase, updates will come frequently. Our customer service team will reach out for documents needed via email, text and phone. It is important to reach back out to them and provide information as quickly as possible.

Our customer service team will be your main point of contact. They are the voice of our company. Their job is to give and get client answers.

We want the best success for all our clients. The only way we can help with future success is that you contact us annually to have us file your tax returns and we can guide you through the red-tape of tax!

ABSOLUTELY! When your case is completed, we will discuss the next steps. We offer ongoing bookkeeping and tax preparation services to ensure you stay compliant and never get back into an IRS/State Tax mess again!

Process and Billing

Step 1: Investigation

Once we determine your eligibility, we perform an in-depth investigation to discover exactly how much you owe to the IRS and State (if applicable) tax agencies.

We order transcripts and gather pertinent tax information from the federal and/or state agencies. We then prepare a detailed plan of action based on your specific tax situation.

Step 2: Resolution

Our tax team works diligently to put your plan of action to work. We prepare and file any missing tax returns and complete the resolution option that was specific to your tax situation.

We need basic information as well as your Tax ID Number or SSN, form of payment, and as much information you can provide in regards to your IRS back taxes.

Our initial consultation is free. Once you have decided to move forward, there will be a small fee for our investigation service. This service allows our tax professionals to do a deep dive into your tax situation and then come up with a plan of action moving forward.

Each clients situation is unique. We charge based on the tax liability amount, the resolution option we are going with, and the complexity of the debt.

Tax Professionals are governed by the IRS Circular 230. It is extremely unethical to guarantee any results, however, our company has a unique way of providing service. Because we are client based, what we say, is what we do. Many companies won’t even make and attempt to settle debt. We are not scared of the IRS and because of this we have settled debt that clients were told would never be settled.

So no, we cannot guarantee the outcome, but we fight hard to get the outcome you want.

The upfront fee for the investigation is non-refundable. The IRS Fresh Start Program consists of 4 major programs that can either resolve, reduce, or eliminate your tax debt. If you don’t qualify for reduction programs, there are other programs that are available that will prevent the IRS from collecting on you that we can help get you qualified for.

Timing is a case-by-case scenario and each case is different. From start to finish, clients typically expect to complete the process within a year and a half depending on how quickly the clients cooperate and the severity of the tax debt.

This is a common occurrence the first time around and we specialize in appealing their denial. At that time we get to work one on one with an agent and argue the facts of the financials. We have a lot of success here.