When a person begins to care for their parents, the IRS permits them to claim their parents as dependents on their tax return. Find out what requirements qualify you to claim your parent as dependents.

Over 50% of Support

There’s something called a support test, which is one of the requirements in order to claim your parent as a dependent. You must cover more than half of your parent’s support costs like food, housing expenses, medical services, or anything in between. You can include your dependent parent’s medical expenses if you itemized them when calculating your medical deductions.

Relationship & Residency

“Qualifying Relative” is a technical phrase used by the IRS to meet the relationship criteria. This means that the person you are caring for has to be your parent, in-law, or even a grandparent. They must, however, be biologically linked to you either by adoption, or marriage. The person you’re caring for must meet the residency requirements in order to be claimed as a dependent.

  • Be a legal US Citizen

  • Be a U.S. National

  • Be a U.S. Resident Alien

  • Be a resident of Canada or Mexico

Social Security & Gross Income

You must have a social security number (SSN) or an individual tax identification number (ITIN) for the parent you want to claim as a dependent on your tax return. Either of these numbers will suffice for the IRS’s identification requirements. A quick reminder, the parent you’re caring for is not able to file a joint tax return. For the tax year 2021, your parent’s taxable income should not exceed $4,300 to be claimed as a dependent.

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