Tax Organizer Submission Agreement and Electronic Signature

By clicking “Submit,” I, the undersigned, acknowledge and confirm the following:

  1. Electronic Signature and Agreement: By clicking “Submit”, I understand that this action constitutes an electronic signature, denoting my agreement to the terms outlined below and creating a legally binding contract between me (the client) and CLEAR START TAX. This electronic signature attests to the truthfulness and accuracy of all data provided and is equivalent to a hand-written signature in terms of its legal force
  2. Accuracy of Information: I hereby confirm that all the information I have provided in this Tax Organizer, including all attachments and accompanying documents, is accurate, complete, and true to the best of my knowledge.
  3. Potential Consequences of Incorrect or Insufficient Information: I am aware that providing data that is false, incomplete, inaccurate, or not sufficient can lead to:
    • Delays in the preparation and/or filing of my tax return
    • Incorrect tax calculations, potentially leading to unwanted financial outcomes.
    • Audits, penalties, or other legal consequences from tax authorities.
  4. Liability: I understand and concur that CLEAR START TAX, along with its employees, agents, or representatives, shall not be accountable or liable for any negative results stemming from incorrect or incomplete data I provide. The responsibility for the submissions lies entirely with me.
  5. Recommendation: I acknowledge that for my benefit, I should meticulously check all the data and documents before submitting them, ensuring their completeness and accuracy.
  6. Assistance and Communication: Should there be any inconsistencies, omissions, or if clarifications are required concerning the data I’ve submitted, CLEAR START TAX pledges to make a concerted effort to get in touch with me to resolve these concerns. CLEAR START TAX remains dedicated to supporting its clientele throughout this taxing process and guarantees the presentation of the most accurate data for tax considerations.