Taxes can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for many people. It’s not uncommon to see individuals try to tackle the process themselves using online tax preparation software or by asking family members for help. However, doing this is much more complicated than it seems, as even small mistakes in your taxes can result in huge fines.

Here are 10 reasons why you should hire an accountant instead of trying to do it yourself!

  1. It relieves the trouble of doing it on your own.

  2. You are not required to keep up with the numerous tax law additions or to comprehend complex tax legislation.

  3. Making a mistake might cost you a lot of money.

  4. Your time is valuable – tally up the hours you’d spend doing it yourself and figure out how much it’s worth.

  5. You cannot be represented in an audit by tax software in a box.

  6. A tax professional can assist you in making better tax-saving strategies by answering your queries.

  7. A tax specialist can assist you in planning for the entire year as well as future years.

  8. A tax specialist can advise you on how to save money on taxes.

  9. It offers you peace of mind knowing that it is being handled by an expert.

  10. And for the best for last – It can save you money! If a tax preparer discovers even one significant deduction or tax credit that you may have overlooked, it can easily average out the cost of hiring a professional to prepare your return. As national tax debt substantially increases, many tax professionals have been including the IRS Fresh Start Program as an enrollment option to resolve tax debt.

The IRS Fresh Start Program

The IRS Fresh Start Program is an effective way to take control of your tax situation. This program offers a variety of solutions for taxpayers who are struggling with unpaid taxes, and ensures that you will not be penalized or face additional penalties if you qualify for the program. So what are you waiting for? The time to begin this process is now!

How Simple Is Qualifying?

Considering that the Fresh Start Program is a federal program, you would think meeting the qualifications may be very difficult, but really, it’s a lot simpler and quicker than you think. Take the following steps in order to find out if you are eligible in as little as 3 minutes.

  1. Fill out some basic information about yourself and your back taxes here.
  2. Have a representative reach out to you to discuss your eligibility.
  3. Go through the enrollment process and finally reduce or eliminate your tax liabilities.