Tax Consultation

Your free consultation is the first step towards the tax relief journey. During your consultation, a tax specialist will learn more about your existing tax circumstances and determine whether you are eligible for the Fresh Start Program. Questions will include your current tax liability, your monthly income and expenses, and some essential information about any assets you may possess (such as a house or a car). We know that taxes can be a daunting topic, but Clear Start Tax makes it easy. And it starts with one consultation. Our tax specialists will guide you through our two-step process and answer all your questions. With that in mind, you can expect only the best key qualities when getting a tax consultation.


You will know without a doubt after your first tax consultation that we are good at resolving a multitude of tax issues. It is all we do and what we put our sole concentration into. We will demonstrate that we are professionals at dealing with the IRS in the same manner that IRS agents operate at attempting to acquire what they want from taxpayers. We understand the IRS and state taxes authorities better than anybody else since we work with them every day. That will be made very obvious to you throughout your tax consultation.

Attention To Detail

A quality factor to look out for during a consultation is their ability to pay attention to detail. The entire team at Clear Start Tax are on your side. Nothing gives us more pleasure than assisting you in getting out of that bind. This entails working directly with you to comprehend your specific tax problems. Your tax consultation will clearly demonstrate how we offer each case the particular attention it requires while also paying close attention to detail, transparency, and understanding.


We will save you many hours of worry, anxiety, and inefficiency by advocating your intentions and providing complete legal protection when dealing with the IRS. Your tax consultation will show you that Clear Start Tax understands the IRS the best, how to handle disputes with them, and know the best time to execute the plan of attack. Rest assured, the IRS will be dealt without the need of fear and anxiety.

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