The Florida Legislature passed the Florida Motor Fuel Tax Relief Act of 2022 on Saturday, October 1. The total amount of tax reduction during the Gas Tax Holiday is 25.3 cents per gallon during the entire month of October. The reduced tax rate applies to all gasoline products and any fueled placed in the storage tank of a gasoline-powered motor vehicle.

What Is The Florida Gas Tax Holiday?

According to Florida law, the state gas tax on all gasoline sales will be cut to 25.3 cents per gallon during the entire month of October 2022. It’s unlawful for any supplier, wholesaler, reseller, or retail dealer of motor fuel to retain any part of the 25.3 cents per gallon tax reduction or to interfere with the consumer from receiving the full benefit of the tax reduction.

Some Florida Gas Stations May Not Partake In The Gas Tax Holiday

During the Gas Tax Holiday, gas stations that don’t purchase tax-reduced gas from their supplies would not be required to pass on a tax discount to their consumers. The Gas Tax Holiday does not affect the taxes imposed on diesel fuel, aviation fuel, or kerosene.

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