Spear phishing is the eighth item on the IRS’s “Dirty Dozen” scams warning list for 2022 and it is a severe problem since it may be adapted to attack and steal the computer system credentials of any small business with a client database, such as tax professionals’ firms.

Spear Phishing Scams

Spear phishing is an email fraud that tries to acquire the software preparation credentials of a tax professional. In order to file fraudulent tax returns for refunds, these scammers aim to steal client information and tax preparers’ identities.

Because spear phishing can be tailored to target any company or organization, everyone should be on the watch and not jump to conclusions when an unusual email comes in.

Latest Phishing Schemes From Fraudsters

Scammers are getting creative with how they deceive taxpayers. The IRS logo is seen being used in the latest phishing email, along the lines of “Action Required: Your account has now been put on hold.” The IRS observed similar bogus emails that claim to be from a “tax preparation application provider. The scammers would offer phrases like “unusual activity report” and then a hyperlink that appears to be a solution for the recipient to restore their account.

Emails with subject lines like, “Your account has been put on hold.” are the most commonly seen phishing schemes. Users will be sent to a page that displays the logos of various popular tax software preparation providers. If you do click on one of these logos, it’ll prompt a request for tax preparer account credentials, this way the taxpayer falls right into their trap.

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