While we’re nearing the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, it does not change the fact that tax debt has been at an all-time dilemma during these times of uncertainty. Americans who are already struggling through the pandemic simply do not need to worry about their tax liabilities on top of their plate. Little do people know, there is a simple resolution in which takes a big weight off their shoulders: the Fresh Start Program.

COVID-19 Detriment

Regardless of everyone’s differences, COVID-19 has humbled us all for almost two years. The pandemic has left many families near income-less, leaving their tax debt unhandled. Tax debt is not going anywhere anytime soon if COVID-19 continues to take control of our lives. Luckily, with any problem there’s a solution.

Liberate Your Tax Debt

A relief program that is not too known to many is the IRS Fresh Start Program. The IRS Fresh Start Program is an effective way to take control of your tax situation. This program offers a variety of solutions for taxpayers who are struggling with unpaid taxes, and ensures that you will not be penalized or face additional penalties if you qualify for the program. This relief program is not exclusive to only the victims of the pandemic. It’s available to anybody going through financial hardship with tax debt! So what are you waiting for? The time to begin this process is now!

How Simple Is Qualifying?

Considering that the Fresh Start Program is a federal program, you would think meeting the qualifications may be very difficult, but really, it’s a lot simpler and quicker than you think. Take the following steps in order to find out if you are eligible in as little as 3 minutes.

  1. Fill out some basic information about yourself and your back taxes here.
  2. Have a representative reach out to you to discuss your eligibility.
  3. Go through the enrollment process and finally reduce or eliminate your tax liabilities.